Of course, your friendly neighborhood psychologist or therapist can be your best resource. For help with any part of life, your psychologist is there for you with personally tailored help. But there are also many great general resources on the Web. I decided to create this page to assist people in finding some especially helpful ones.  This page will grow as I discover more resources, so please feel free to check it periodically (and add your favorites to the comments!)

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Things Everyone Should Read:

Depression Information

Stress Information

  • The National Institute of Mental Health’s article 5 Things You Should Know About Stress.
    This is not just informative about the effects of stress, but it also contains some suggestions for dealing with stress.

  • The American Psychological Association’s article How Stress Affects Your Health
    Again, this article doesn’t just explain why stress is bad (and good!).  It also gives more suggestions for dealing with bad stress.

Alzheimer’s Disease Information